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J&D Recovery, Inc. Services


No Collection, No Fee!

We offer a very competitive contingent rate. When we collect your money, we earn a small portion for our efforts. If we are unable to recover your money, we do not charge you. We operate on a performance-only basis, if we are successful, we earn our commission. Our motivation is to get your money back in your hands where it belongs.

We Pay Weekly!

Unlike most agencies, when we collect your money, we remit to you every week.

Full Service Agency

If the debt cannot be collected, we can forward the case to an attorney for litigation. We have attorney representation throughout the country. Our attorneys also work on a contingent basis, no non-contingent suit fees.

An account will not be assigned for legal action without our client's written approval.

Collection Consultations

We offer a representative to help you set up or train your in-house collection staff on a fee basis.

Skip Tracing

We have all the programs to locate a debtor and our collectors are well trained in all locating techniques.

No Exclusive Contract

Our debt collection program is on a per-account basis. Unlike many agencies, we do not require you to lock yourself into a binding contract. When you have an account or accounts that you need serviced, simply send them to us. We earn your loyalty; not by a contract, but through our performance.

Detailed & Timely Reporting

We understand the importance of communicating with our clients regarding any account status. At times, such as debtor disputes, settlement offers, or any other circumstance that will need your attention, we will fax or email the information to you immediately. A remittance report will be sent to you, including the debtor's name and account number and the amount collected every week. If an account cannot be collected and you do not wish to pursue legally, a detailed close report will be sent to you for your tax purposes.

Courteous & Prompt Service

We value the relationship with our clients that we represent. We are always available to you for any questions or concerns that you might have. We are confident that we will maintain a productive relationship by offering personalized, courteous and prompt service.

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