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Debt Collection Procedures

  • Immediately upon receipt of the collection account, an acknowledgment is sent to the client.
  • Demand letter is sent to debtor.
  • Phone contact begins.
  • Attempt is made to collect the entire balance due or to arrange a reasonable payment plan.
  • Constant follow-up is made until the agreed payment is received.
  • If debtor fails to respond to our collection calls and letters and repeatedly reneges on promises to pay    the debt, we send a final demand.
  • If debtor does not respond to our final demand, the account will be considered for legal action.
  • If we feel that the debt can be collected by suit, we will then send our recommendation to our client    to proceed legally.
  • Once our client authorizes suit, the file will be forwarded to our affiliate attorney in the debtor's area.
  • The suit requirements will then be sent to our client.
  • After our attorney receives all the suit requirements, he will prepare the suit.
  • Our attorneys work on a contingency fee only. No non-contingent suit.
  • Our attorneys will then proceed with the service of the complaint through collection or judgment and    execution.
  • If our client does not wish to file suit, the account will be closed and of course, no fee will be due.

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